Try These 5 Tips to Keep You Healthy during the Fall Season

1. Stay Active. 

With cooler temperatures, it's easy to want to stay inside more. Commit to staying active by getting outside for an afternoon walk or a weekend hike. 

2. Eat Healthy. 

The start of fall means a welcome increase of comfort food and warm flavors. Swap sugary desserts for healthy options like Oh-Mazing Granola Snack. 

3. Support Your Immune System. 

Incorporating immune supporting foods and ingredients like garlic, ginger, echinacea & lemon will help support your immune system through colder temperatures as cold and flu season peaks. 

4. Stay Hydrated. 

We all know drinking sufficient water helps our skin, gut health, weight maintenance and digestion. You can also stay hydrated by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables and less sugary beverages like watermelon juice and coconut water. 

5. Get Enough Sleep. 

Your immune system thrives when you are well-rested. Get enough sleep each night to help your body recover from our often action-packed days. 


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