About Us


Owner, Stephanie Williams, has always believed in providing “from-scratch”, all natural meals for her family to promote a healthier lifestyle. Over time, she developed her own granola recipe to provide an alternative to some of the unhealthy snacks found on grocery store shelves. The snack instantly became a hit among her family, friends, and community. After having two children, Stephanie resigned from her job to spend more precious time with them and to create an abundance of Oh-Mazing! moments.



At Oh-Mazing!, we believe that every person has a purpose. We want to help you explore new ways of living every moment of your beautiful lives and not go hungry—hike a mountain, take your dream trip, start a blog, play in the park with your children, or simply add a little more flavor to your commute.

Yes, we sell granola (it's quite tasty), but more importantly, we want to inspire you to live your life with purpose, passion, and to follow your dreams. Our products are here to bring the adventure back to snacking, and better yet, celebrate YOU when those dreams are achieved. Take us on your journey, and let’s be great together. 

Be extraordinary. Be adventurous. Be Oh-Mazing! Share your #ohmazingmoments. 

Oh-Mazing! Snackable Granola is nut free, wheat free, and made with organic ingredients.