Caribbean Delight (Vegan)

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Feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the cool breeze off of the blue waters of the Caribbean. Immerse your tastebuds in the opulent flavors of our first vegan granola. Velvety coconut complements this granola with a smattering of raisins that will send your tastebuds into a palate-pleasing frenzy.

Dairy and peanut free. 

IngredientsOrganic, Gluten-free oats, organic coconut oil, organic cane sugar, organic raisins, organic pumpkin seeds, organic unsweetened shredded coconut, organic agave, organic flax seeds, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt

Customer Reviews

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Rod Rozanski
Awesome new flavor

They reworked the recipe and it taste great. A bit crispier and a more pronounced coconut flavor. Definitely recommend.


Wow 🤩 Wow I was in the production kitchen with my husband and I asked for a sample and I was like WOW. I love the fact that there in chucks too… Going to the store ASAP to get more and try the others… # OHMAZING

Kelly Kouyate
Amazing Granola

I tried your granola at Ayesha Curry store "Sweet July". Since my first taste I run in every chance and purchase. These granolas are amazing as a snack and with yogurt. I need a case :0). I need this as a snack for our students at Ile Omode School in Oakland.

Shawn Cross
Delicious and Nutritious!

These are so good that I never feel guilty for eating the entire bag by myself. Tastes great over yogurt for breakfast or alone for a snack or with a cup of chamomile in the evening for dessert.

Whit Kathner
The. Best. Granola. Ever.

Honestly, I thought granola was granola. Like, it's oats and some nuts, a little sweet and a little salty, right? How can you innovate on that? Well, Stephanie figured it out. This granola is unlike any other I've ever had. The break-away texture of it makes it crumbly and crunchy but you never worry you will break a tooth or get jaw fatigue like with competitors. You can tell it probably gets baked in sheets and when it's bagged up it is sometimes in granola slabs from baking in the tray- crispy, perfectly flavored, totally sublime. This flavor is our family's favorite, but try them all to find yours!